Niko Djurdjevic

BJJ, MMA, Judo

Niko Djurdjevic

Name: Niko Djurdjevic
Age: 33
Weight: 95kg
Height: 189.0cm
Fights out of: Coconut Creek, Miami - Lyon, France
Grade: Black belt 1st Dan
Discipline: N/A

At PunchStrong we are proud to have Niko as part of the PunchStrong Team. We first met Niko in London during the IBJJF London International Open. Niko was smashing up the talent an earned himself two Gold medals. Training in BJJ and MMA Niko has a great training ethic, getting fitter, faster, stronger day by day.

He began his fighting career in Judo at the age of 5 years. Niko competed in a mixture of tournaments and competitions including French championships, international tournaments.

Last year he moved to Miami to train at American Top Team coconut creek( ATT headquarters). He trains with infamous UFC and BELLATOR fighters including Hector Lombard, Bigfoot Silva, Gleison Tibau, Dustin Poirier. Traveling between USA and France he also trains in Lyon with great fighters such as Malik Merad ( Bellator) ,Fabio Pinca (3x world champion Mauy Thai), Mickael Piscitello (1x world champion Muay Thai) or Sophian Benchora (M1 fighter).

Niko is an up and coming fighter and we are excited to have him on-board.