James Costa

BJJ Supremo

James Costa

Name: James Costa
Age: 21
Weight: 64kg
Height: 0.0cm
Fights out of: Carlson Gracie Essex
Grade: Purple belt
Discipline: BJJ

If being laidback was a country James Costa would be the King of Kings in that country. Super cool BJJ instructor for Carlson Gracie Essex James is a Purple belt BJJ practitioner.

Competing in BJJ within the UK and Europe, James is never one to turn down a tournament and has been winning medals since he began BJJ.

A great instructor at Carlson Gracie Essex, James's knowledge of detail and technique will always surpass has competitors and always inspire his students to reach his level.

Always showing the PunchStrong ethos James is always up for a challenge and either big or small James will break you down, with technique and strength