Alistair Tweed

Age is only a number... this number will out wrestle you, out work you, and hand it on a plate

Alistair Tweed

Name: Alistair Tweed
Age: 50
Weight: 78kg
Height: 178.0cm
Fights out of: Essex, UK
Grade: Purple belt
Discipline: BJJ

Alistair has been competing on the BJJ scene since 2009. Competing in both Gi and NoGi, he manages to train like a shredded beast around his priority, his family.

Eating clean, Alistair aspires to bring the highest ratio of muscle to weight to every competition he enters.

Training under the Carlson Gracie banner, Alistair is always willing to share his knowledge.

Winning Gold in his division at the IBJJF european championships 2014, Alistair has now upped his game as a 50 year old Purple belt to take Silver at the IBJJF London Open and English Open.

Alistair carries the PunchStrong way of living everywhere he goes... work, family and on the mats, as well as being the real life fountain of youth, smashing everyone in his way with upmost respect for his competitors. We are very proud to have Alistair represent our brand.