Eat right or your training could be pointless?

​Spending hours working out but not getting the results you need? Are you wasting your time in the gym with poor nutrition and diet?

Spending hours working out but not getting the results you need? Are you wasting your time in the gym with poor nutrition and diet?

Our view
At PunchStrong we believe in training hard, but you might not get the results if you’re not eating right too. We are often asked about diet and how to approach this. For us staying fit is 70% diet and 30% training.

In our eyes training is the fun part of staying fit and the nutrition/diet is the chore, so we have to work harder on this.

Start your day right – this is where it all begins

Cereal is advertised everywhere and is aimed at kids. These advertising campaigns have been drilled into us from day one, but essentially the majority of these cereals are made from sugar, that’s why they taste good. Cereals are also quick and easy to prepare when you get ready in the morning so are often a favourite. Because they are mainly sugar your body breaks this down very quickly leaving you empty and hungry soon after. It’s very difficult to change a habit, wanting sugar is a habit we have all been exposed to from childhood so it’s not going to be easy. But look at it this way, if a cereal has been processed it will normally contain loads of other rubbish our body doesn't need. Keep it simple with porridge oats or something like Oatabix, these are hardly touched with virtually nothing added to preserve or sweeten.

In our humble opinion for breakfast you need oats and protein. The oats are Low GI which means they will take longer to breakdown and release sugar slowly. The protein will also help you feel fuller for longer and fuel your body following a morning workout. Checkout out some morning workouts ideas here.

Meal examples
Here are some meal examples from PunchStrong.

Eggs are great and having a couple of eggs for breakfast will start you right. Why not try 2 eggs scrambled followed by a protein shake. Add a healthy portion of oats to you protein shake. This turns the shake into something more substantial and you will notice you won’t feel hungry.

For lunch we recommend a balanced meal. Start with your fruit. Fruit breaks down quickly so if you have this at the end of your meal it will sit on top of your other food which can cause you to be bloated as it gets digested. Next a tin of fish (tuna is our choice) or portion of turkey/chicken mixed with a packet of flavoured CousCous to make it more interesting. This is quick and easy to prepare so no excuses.

Evening meal
For your evening meal we recommend a good size portion of Veg (broccoli for us) with rice, and again with either fish or turkey.

If you get a sweet craving we crack this by having a small spoon of honey or snacking on a small amount of raisins, they are healthier than sweets or chocolate and also contrary to popular belief raisins are good for your teeth, they prevent the build up of bacteria that attack your teeth enamel.

Portions are important
The portion size of each of these meals should be determined by the goals you have. If you’re on a weight gain plan you will want to load more protein and carbs in your lunch and evening meals. This won’t get you ripped but it will increase your mass, Once you get to the size you want you can start to shred down.

If you’re on a weight loss plan we recommend reducing the carbs in your evening meal.

I wish there was an exact science, each body reacts differently. You will also know if you’re cheating yourself or not.

Keep it simple

We try to keep all the foods we eat simple, if it’s grown in the ground and goes straight on your plate without being processed, crushed and moulded into different shapes it’s ok to eat. If it’s been fed on things grown in the ground and isn’t packaged with added water or preservatives it’s ok to eat. If it’s natural sugar in fruit or honey it’s should be enough to hit your cravings.

You get out what you put in… Literally.

Remember, stay hydrated as well, lots of water will keep you lean and your body clean.

Let me know what works for you as we are interested to know how others approach diet and nutrition.

Stay positive, Stay happy. PunchStrong.

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Alex Johnson

By Alex Johnson

My friends think of me as a mixed martial arts ninja and I don't disagree with them. I live in Essex (UK) with my wife and dog Kingston, who eats more protein than I do.

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