BJJ at it’s best – Who’s Afraid of Mat 5?!

BJJ leading the way!

PunchStrong recently attended the Surrey BJJ Open, a well organised event by Andy Roberts.

There was the usual weight and belt classes for competition which went very smoothly.

As part of the event there was an extra addition that we had not seen before.

“Who’s afraid of Mat 5?!”

The concept of this is to have an open mat where opponents can compete with the aid of a referee and points being scored, the winner walking away with a medal. This sounds pretty standard, but the beauty of this was that anyone can find an opponent and compete. Any belt, any age, any weight against anyone.

At first Mat 5 was empty, no one was up for the challenge. I put this down to people first focusing on their individual fights in their entered divisions. But as the divisions were completed by late morning there was a queue of BJJ hopefuls putting their names down for a chance to win a “Who’s Afraid of Mat 5?!” medal.

“Who’s afraid of Mat 5?!” is a genius idea, the concept of people being able to challenge who they want, push themselves against higher standards and different weight and age classes in a competitive environment, or even settle personal grudges in a controlled environment is fantastic.

“Who’s afraid of Mat 5?!” is such a great idea, it gets people wanting to roll!

Surrey Open spectator

Not only this, but the attitude of all the Mat 5 competitors was amazing.

As with most parts of BJJ all egos went out the window. People were willing to compete with anyone who was up for the challenge.


This is what we need, strong minded athletes who are confident in their ability without the fear of losing! If you lose, get to the back and sign up again. All Mat 5 competitors were punching strong with great attitude.

Put your ego back in the box,it will do you no favours, give other people a chance to compete and try competing above your class to push your limits. You either win or you learn. Live by it.

PunchStrong it’s a way of living.

Alex Johnson

By Alex Johnson

My friends think of me as a mixed martial arts ninja and I don't disagree with them. I live in Essex (UK) with my wife and dog Kingston, who eats more protein than I do.

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