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Hows your progress?

Hitting that workout plateau? Training hard but not seeing the benefits! Feel like you’re just plodding through the same workout plan again and again. Are you mixing your training enough? Cross training?

The human body’s ability to adapt in different situations is pretty much incredible. Look at all the specialist athletes and how their body’s form around the disciplines they master. If you keep pushing your limits the body improves in areas in which it struggles, then over time with hard work and discipline, your body will be able to adapt and conquer. But this method should come with some guidance.

Mix it up to get more gains

If you only train the same routines again and again, you will only be good at those routines.

In terms of martial arts, traditionally practitioners would excel independently in Karate, Judo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu etc. you would never see anyone who mastered them all to a functional level. This was until the birth of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

MMA was a game changer, this broke the mould and formed a perfect blueprint for cross training. Multiple disciplines targeting the whole body and testing yourself in all forms of striking, wrestling, speed, strength and cardio. Some say the toughest of tests.

Due to the popularity of MMA this has now become it’s own discipline, and we commonly here people saying “I do MMA”.

So what can we learn from this? What am I trying to say?

You don’t have to fight in a cage to get fit, but the theory is simple. Shock your body often as you can. Try things you have never tried before in the gym. This will help your body to adapt to many situations. Only this will truly trigger growth and improvement physically. To try new things is to understand your limits and then smash them apart.

Some people can get lazy and complacent, don’t be that person.

For something different why not try the following?

For those who target one or two muscle groups every session you need to shock your body, a good way to do this would be to include a full body plyometric work out every other week. For some crazy ideas of plyometric exercises check out the following link, this video shows how far you could push a plyometric workout.

Alex Johnson

By Alex Johnson

My friends think of me as a mixed martial arts ninja and I don't disagree with them. I live in Essex (UK) with my wife and dog Kingston, who eats more protein than I do.

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