PunchStrong Pull ups

Struggling on your pull-ups/chin-ups, this approach will turn you into a pull-up pro in no time!

You either love pull ups or you hate them. Most people hate them because they are tough and it takes time to gain strength and improve. Most people give up before the power and benefits begin to kick in.

But if you persist the gains in strength will not only improve your pull ups, but also provide super strength for cross training over many sports and disciplines. Punchstrong.com always favours muscle function over looks and t-shirt muscles. Pull ups help sculpt your body as well as increase strength, so this should also please those Johnny Bravo wannabe’s out there.

Whether starting from scratch this routine will add power to all levels of fitness. Be sure to focus on full pull up technique. Between each pull-up, when hanging from the bar you should have your arms fully extended, stretching out your back. This provides a great workout for your back and also insures you are using the full length of your arms. We will focus on targeting sections of the bicep in Part 2 but for now you need to attack the full bicep.

The aim here is to always complete 10 sets.

What will you need?

You will need a good pull up bar either at home or in the gym.

The program

But here is the part that makes the difference.

As an example, if you can only currently complete a maximum of 3 pull ups, you will work up to set 3 as detailed below, then from set 4-9 you will continue to complete 3 pull ups. When you get to set 10 you will need to push yourself and pull up to failure (as many as you can do). Only you can judge how hard you can push, so don’t cheat yourself and always complete your 10 sets.

When you can manage more then 3 pull ups in set 10 you need to up the game when you next complete the program. You need to upgrade to set 4 with 4 pull ups and repeat the same process by working up to set 4 as detailed below, then from set 5-9 you will continue to complete 4 pull ups. When you get to set 10 again you will need to push yourself and pull up to failure. This will continue until you can complete the full program.

You should aim to complete this pull-up cycle every other day.

Change won’t come over night, you may stick with the same number of pull ups for a number of cycles as your body weaves new muscles. You might not notice straight away, but your body and power will be changing. Be persistent and push yourself, improvement is just round the corner.

PunchStrong Pull ups

Resting max. 1 min between each set

Set 1 – 1 pull up
Set 2 – 2 pull ups, or max. up to 2
Set 3 – 3 pull ups, or max. up to 3
Set 4 – 4 pull ups, or max. up to 4
Set 5 – 5 pull ups, or max. up to 5
Set 6 – 6 pull ups, or max. up to 6
Set 7 – 7 pull ups, or max. up to 7
Set 8 – 8 pull ups, or max. up to 8
Set 9 – 9 pull ups, or max. up to 9
Set 10 – pull up to failure

Part 2 Coming soon…for those who can already complete Part 1 of the program…

Alex Johnson

By Alex Johnson

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