You win or you learn

Keep that attitude, and motivate others

The BJJ English Open 2013 was a great event. Held in an Olympic grade Judo arena in Dartford it was very well organised with over 500 people competing from the BJJ contingent from all over the South East of England.

I was competing in the 88.3kg and couldn’t wait to compete under the Carlson Gracie Essex banner…….

Ok, so I won two fights, one by rear naked choke and the other by triangle. I lost my next fight by arm bar…. I didn’t tap, but the referee thought my elbow had been dislocated, it wasn’t and I was fine but, I thank the referee for looking out for the health and safety of all rollers on the mat.

The purpose of this blog addition isn’t about bragging for my wins or complaining about my loss. It’s about enjoying your sport and staying disciplined in winning or losing. The mental strength I saw at the event was fantastic. This is something I see on a regular basis when I compete in Shotokan Karate, which is normally very traditional and full of etiquette.

Winning is the main goal, but if you can combine the traditional respect/disaplin of karate with the flow and fun of BJJ you have what I saw at the BJJ English Open 2013….. a great event…OSS!

Alex Johnson

By Alex Johnson

My friends think of me as a mixed martial arts ninja and I don't disagree with them. I live in Essex (UK) with my wife and dog Kingston, who eats more protein than I do.

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